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New Beta version of Magic Notes

Postby karle » Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've just uploaded a new beta of the latest incarnation of Magic Notes to for you to try. This version does look very similar to 3.4 but has some drastic changes made to its internal workings and a lot of little things have changed to make it a much better program. Below is a list of some of the more important things that have changed;

  • Now uses SQLite for it's database to allow for more notes and lots of improvements to how things work.
  • The program is now completely UNICODE compliant (which also means it doesn't run on non UNICODE versions of Windows like 98 or ME unfortunately). This means the program should now work even better with international characters.
  • New attach to window feature allowing you to attach a note to another applications window based on the window title. The note will then show and hide as the other window does the same. This is still under development but this version includes a "simple" version of it but I plan to add more features to it like being able make it move with the other window and other improvements.
  • Notes can now be easily docked to other notes by way of moving it close to the other note and it will automatically line up.
  • New daily backup function which will backup your database automatically in a subfolder.
  • Lots of other little improvements and fixes.

There are things I wanted to add but which I never got a chance to get to yet but I think this version has some very worthwhile features already so I've decided to leave them for the next version after this one instead. Note that I'm still very happy for suggestions as always.

As you all can see there's lots of little things in there for you to try. Note that existing V3.4 databases and settings will be automatically upgraded and your existing notes database will not be touched.

The new database file has a new name but the program will still write to the same settings file so it's probably a very good idea to make a backup of your data files before you try it first just in case.

Also, if you post, could you please do so in the beta forums below!

Thank you,

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