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Update to the Magic Notes beta

Postby karle » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:41 am

Hi All,

I've just made available another update to V3.5 Build 9069 for you to try out. This update fixes a range of small bugs including a couple of crashes so definitely worth updating to.

The following things were fixed/added;
  • Updated to V3.6.11 of Sqlite for the database
  • Windows events are now handled in a separate thread to make the UI more responsive.
  • Sending a note will no longer inherit the group from the other machine.
  • Fixed crashing when double clicking on particular text.
  • Notes received now display using a bubble rather than a message box.
  • Fixed bug where the program wouldn't include all notes when showing/hiding.
  • Non active alarms are no longer displayed in the Note Organizer.
  • Repeating alarms can now be stopped from the alarm display dialog.
  • Auto sizing no longer jumps around when you hit the end of the screen and you have SmartFit enabled.

The beta is available for download from http://www.magicnotes.com/mnsetupbeta.exe as always.


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